Problem Solution
Difficulty in calibrating
Test that the C-Level is functioning correctly by pressing
and releasing the calibrate button with nothing but air
behind the device. If it flashes and beeps twice, it is
functioning correctly. If the C-Level flashes but does not
beep when the calibrate button is pressed, re-install the
battery making certain that nothing is touching the yellow
label on the back of the unit and test calibration again.
Difficulty in determining the
level of some drums
There are some non-metallic drums that are more that
3/8” thick. These drums can cause irregular results. Try
using on a different location of the drum. There are
some drums that have erratic wall thicknesses. Try
using on a different location of the drum.
The lights on the C-Level are
not as bright as they were
when the unit was new
The battery may be getting weak. Try replacing the
battery per the instructions.