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Tecmark Corporation

7745 Metric Drive

Mentor, Ohio 44060

(440) 205-7600

(440) 205-7601 (fax) ISO 9001 certified
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The basic principle behind the products made by Tecmark®. Tecmark® products control or help control, a wide range of equipment and appliances, many of which you use every day.

From simple electro-mechanical switches to complex electronic systems, Tecmark® designs, engineers and manufactures a wide variety of components and control systems used by original equipment manufacturers in various industries worldwide. In-house fabrication, assembly and calibration of key components facilitate effective quality control and assure the consistent performance and reliability of Tecmark's products.

Overcoming potentially dangerous operating environments has been a standard for Tecmark® from the very beginning. Tecmark® products are designed, not only to provide the highest measure of safety in harsh and hazardous environments, but to withstand the effects of temperature, humidity, water chemistry, contaminants and electrical transients. Understanding the application, and the environment is vital in assuring that Tecmark® products are designed to deliver safe, reliable and effective performance all of the time. Tecmark® has built a reputation for providing quality products, distinguished service and rapid response to changing custom requirements.


Whether it's an in-house solution or an Industry need, Tecmark® continues to adapt and grow with strategic technological advancement in mechanical and electrical products. Over the past several years Tecmark® has fully automated several production lines in order to meet growing demand while providing customers with a price competitive product that meets the markets served.

Tecmark® designs and manufactures a wide range of electronic controls from timers, economical thermostats, and non-contact level sensors and fully integrated control systems. Tecmark's engineering team is eager to design the control to meet your needs.

From Tecmark's inception, air switch and pressure switch controls, have helped Tecmark® contribute hundreds of product variations to numerous market segments worldwide. For over thirty years, Tecmark's manufacturing philosophy has been unique. In an effort to provide you with a product that is most suited to your application, many product lines incorporate interchangeable components for the ultimate in design flexibility which means a product can be tailored to your needs without the high price and long lead times associated with custom manufacturing. If you have a need and don't see the features you require, please ask us!

Tecmark® uses computerized equipment of its own design to calibrate switches with exceptional precision and reliability. Also, the Quality Assurance Team utilizes additional proprietary testing equipment as a part of a comprehensive quality control process to assure that Tecmark® products are the finest available.


Today, Tecmark's LectricAir® logo is becoming the recognized symbol for quality and safety in both industrial and consumer remote switching applications. Whether your needs are for customized components, electronic controls, or off-the-shelf products call Tecmark®, and let us be an extension of your company.

Tecmark® Quality Policy

Tecmark® Corporation is committed to providing its customers with quality products, services and on time deliveries. As a team we will continue to improve our products and management systems to achieve unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Tecmark® is ISO9001 certified under the 2000 standards.