The Tecmark team works directly with you to provide rapid response to your design requirements. Our engineers can configure an electro-mechanical or electronic product for your specific application. OEMs have relied on Tecmark as a trusted partner since 1976 because we act as an extension of their teams.

Responsive Service. Our engineers specialize in designing products that control a wide range of equipment and appliances. OEMs rely on Tecmark to engineer solutions to meet their products’ air switch, pressure switch, temperature and timer control needs. Whether it’s a basic switch or complex control package, we'll have a configuration to suit your application.

3-D Prototyping. 3-D printing technology enhances the design process by quickly and efficiently producing a product model. 3-D prototyping brings a design to life.

Designing for OEMs’ Demands. We design products our customers ask for—we listen and respond. We’re very proud of the relationships we have developed with customers over the years. They depend on us for solutions to meet their product needs.

We Might Already Have Your Solution

For years, our expertise in air switch and pressure switch controls has helped Tecmark contribute hundreds of product variations to numerous market segments worldwide. Many product lines incorporate interchangeable components for the ultimate in design flexibility. Tecmark is always ready to engineer and adapt an existing design to any customer requirement.

Have questions? If you would like to discuss an air, pressure or vacuum switch requirement, our team is accessible and available to discuss your needs. Call us any time at 1.440.205.7600, or fill out this simple contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.

Tecmark's Engineering Philosophy Embodies a Cross-Disciplinary Team Approach to Product Design and Engineering

Focusing on cost effective use of appropriate electro-mechanical and electronic technology, Tecmark creates high performance products and systems for customers with careful attention to detail.

The following example shows how a series of Tecmark air switches, pressure switches, and electronic products and technologies provided by Tecmark are integrated into a spa control pack. Products included in the diagram: Tecmark Series TBS300 Switches, Tecmark Series 3000 Pressure Switch, Tecmark WCORD 1310 Cordset, Tecmark Series EP3100 Electronic Thermostat, Tecmark Air Hose.