Series CP100 and CP700 control packages are designed to utilize Tecmark's pneumatic switching technology, LectricAir®, which safely isolates the user from direct contact with the electrical current. As the button on the air transmitter is depressed and released, air is transmitted through an air hose to a pressure sensitive electrical switch in a remote location. The air pressure activates the switch, completing the electrical circuit. The Series CP100s feature easy access terminal blocks for field wiring and watertight enclosures. Series CP700 controls incorporate air switches mounted in general purpose enclosures and are provided with open end wire leads for field electrical connections. These controls are UL listed and come complete with the control assembly, air hose, transmitter and installation instructions. Dual Function Packages come complete with two air hoses and two transmitters. Series CP100 and Series CP700 are available with alternate action or momentary switching logic, configured for 120V or 240V applications. They're designed and engineered to exceed 100,000 cycles under full electrical and mechanical loads.

Typical Applications

Series CP100 and Series CP700 control packages provide switching of a large variety of electrical devices, including motors, lights, pumps, air blowers, or other associated equipment. Standard and customized options available.

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Series Construction Key Features Ratings and Specifications
CP100 CP100: Easy Access Terminal Blocks Single, Dual Function, or Time Delay CP100: UL Listed
CP700 CP700: open wire leads
Two enclosure sizes: 5" x 5" (127mm x 127mm) watertight
4" x 4" (101.6mm x 101.6mm) general purpose
Cordsets for LINE or LOAD connections CP700: UL recognized