Tecmark Series PCB Air Switches are single function controls with internal electrical contacts designed to mount directly to a printed circuit board. These basic component switches feature momentary switching logic in a compact design to add pneumatic actuation to any electronic control circuit.

Tecmark Series PCB Air Switches provide remote air actuation of electronic circuits that control motors, lights, pumps, air blowers, or other associated equipment and are integral, therapeutic tubs and wellness equipment, hot tub air switches and spa air switches.

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Series Media Construction Electrical Key Features Switching Fittings Mounting Style
PCB Air Internal electrical contacts.
Silicone diaphragm material
Thermoplastic construction
Alternative diaphragm materials available.
1A, 250 VAC (max), 10mA, 24 VDC (min). Maximum Pressure: 10 PSI - 30 PSI (69 - 207kPa).
100,000+ cycle life.
Operates reliably in temperatures between 14˚F (-10˚C) to 185˚F (85˚C).
SPNO contact config.
Momentary Logic
Tubing connectors 1/8" (3.2mm) or 1/16" (1.6mm) ID
Available with 1/8" NPT connector.
Center hole mount, side spout, or 1/8" NPT