SAFPAC control switch photo

The LectricAir® SAFPAC controls are air actuated electrical switch systems that promote intrinsically safe control of electrical devices. The SAFPAC control system is composed of three basic components: the plug-in the wall controller, the air transmitter, and an interconnecting air hose. The SAFPAC control system is available with a single outlet or up to four female outlet receptacles. The SAFPAC controller can be used with a variety of Tecmark's pressure transmitter and tubing combinations. When the transmitter is depressed, air in the transmitter is displaced through flexible air tubing to an air switch. The air switch completes or interrupts the electrical circuit, turning on or off the electrical device, which has been plugged into the controller's grounded receptacle.

Typical Applications include any electrical device requiring on/off switching, including garbage disposers, drill presses, pumps, lights, farm equipment, industrial machines, lab devices, and more.

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Series Electrical Key Features Ratings and Specifications Styles
SAFPAC Up to 15 amps@110-120 VAC 60Hz Acuation: Hand transmitter up to 10' (3m)
Foot transmitter up to 100' (30m)
UL Recognized USA/Canada Alternate, Momentary, Time Delayed