From Single Function Electro-Mechanical Components to Complex Control Systems

Tecmark designs, develops and manufactures pressure switches, vacuum switches, air switches and other electrical components, including level sensors, thermostats, timers, spa side controls and more. For years, our specialty in air switch and pressure switch controls has helped us deliver hundreds of product variations to market segments worldwide. We provide options for OEMs’ evolving products -offering interchangeable components allowing for design flexibility!

Seamless Service and Quality Assured

At Tecmark, we take pride in the fact that we are a full-service provider, and every aspect of product design, development and production happens at our facility. Our in-house capabilities allow us to respond quickly to customer requests because we can work efficiently while ensuring quality. Whatever you need, contact us and we are here to help. Our staff is accessible, experienced and focused on listening and guiding you toward the right product for your application. At Tecmark, we provide:

  • Design/engineering services
  • 3-D prototyping for developing products
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly
  • Calibration of key components to assure accurate performance
  • Quality control at every step in the process
  • Additional safety and protection products available through North Shore Safety, a Tecmark Company
  • Tecmark is certified to ISO9001: 2015 requirements

“At Tecmark, we work as a team to improve products and management systems so we can deliver the type of quality customer service OEMs expect. That includes offering a wide range of product configurations and support every step of the way.” -Sean Swick, President, Tecmark

An OEM Partner Serving a Range of Industries

Tecmark products are designed to be safe, reliable, accurate and rugged so they can withstand challenging environmental conditions. We serve these and many other industries:

  • Appliances
  • Agriculture
  • HVAC
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Leisure Water
  • Therapeutic tubs and wellness equipment
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Lab Devices
  • Wood Working

Quality—The Tecmark Advantage

We are constantly working to improve products and management systems across the spectrum, assuring the quality of Tecmark products through a stringent quality control process.

  • First piece sign-off on all manufacturing operations.
  • Automated assembly equipment for high volume product lines.
  • All products are 100% function tested.
  • Products approved to UL/cUL and other international standards.
  • Tecmark products are made in the USA.
  • Tecmark is certified to ISO9001: 2015 requirements.

How Can We Help You? Our experienced Tecmark staff can answer your questions today. Call us at 440.205.7600.